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Critical Illness Health Insurance Atlanta GA

Critical illness health insurance covers the medical expenses associated with a critical illness that you incur unexpectedly. Employers tend to offer critical illness health insurance policies to their employees as a healthcare insurance option. Some people may find it to be a good investment, depending on their level of risk of getting a critical illness.

A critical illness can prevent you from working or living a productive life. With these kinds of limitations, you cannot worry about the burden of hospital expenses. That is what makes a critical illness insurance policy so important to get. As soon as you’re diagnosed with a critical illness by a licensed doctor, you’ll start receiving coverage for your treatment expenses.

A critical illness health insurance policy covers more than just diseases and illnesses. It covers injuries and physical disabilities too. Some examples of critical illnesses and health conditions that are covered by this policy include cancer, stroke, heart attack, paralysis, renal failure, HIV, Parkinson’s disease, benign brain tumours, organ transplant, serious burns, Alzheimer’s disease, and more.

Available Plans

There are three specific critical illness health insurance plans to choose from. The main difference between the three plans pertains to whether or not you want cancer treatment coverage. Your plan choices are “critical illness without cancer,” “critical illness with cancer,” or “critical illness with cancer and a cancer treatment rider.” The first plan covers all illnesses not directly linked to cancer. The second plan includes both critical illnesses and cancerous related conditions. The third plan adds more cancer treatment coverage to the second plan.

Some critical illnesses will reoccur more than others. For instance, if you suffer a heart attack or stroke, you won’t necessarily suffer from it again unless you fail to take care of yourself properly. But if you have cancer, then you are powerless over the ongoing symptoms and conditions you’ll incur.

Critical illness insurers offer policies which cover a limited number of reoccurrences within a 12-month period. But if you choose the plan that includes cancer coverage, there is no limit to the coverage on your reoccurring condition. If your cancer causes severe symptoms multiple times throughout the year, your insurer will cover the treatment for each instance without any hassle.

Ask an Advisor

The choice boils down to whether you think you’re likely going to get cancer. If the cost difference is the only thing holding you back from making a decision, then ask a health insurance advisor what they think you should do. Depending on your medical history and cancer risk factor, they will recommend the best critical illness health insurance plan for you.

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