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Dallas is not just the name of a city in Texas. It is also the name of a city in Paulding County, Georgia. Of course, it is not as populated as the city in Texas by the same name, but it does have a fair amount of people.

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According to a 2010 census, Dallas has an estimated population of approximately 12,629 people. It is more of a suburb of Atlanta that is 30 miles away from the populated downtown area of the city. Dallas was named after Vice President George M. Dallas, who served under President James K. Polk.

Paulding County was ranked as one of the top 20 best places to live in America, according to Money Magazine and CNN. Dallas may have a smaller population, but it is within close proximity to the crowded metropolitan area of Atlanta. The people who live in Dallas have the same needs as everyone else, including good quality health insurance coverage.

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Do you live in Dallas and want to learn more about the individual PPO plans available? How about the wide selection of private health insurance plans which offer coverage for specific diseases, accidents, and disabilities? If any of these types of plans interest you, then Health Insurance Advisor can explain each of them in great detail.

The selection of health insurance is never an easy thing. Insurance companies may offer plans with low deductibles, but how good is the coverage? You cannot understand the truth about the coverage unless you read the fine print of their policies. A lot of people don’t do this, which is why they end up with less than satisfactory health insurance.

When you hire Health Insurance Advisor to represent your insurance needs, we won’t let any insurance company take advantage of you. We’ll find insurance products that cover all your basic and severe healthcare needs, such as affordable PPO health insurance, disability insurance, accident coverage, dental, vision, critical illness, accident indemnity, short-term disability, whole life insurance, and so on.

Does any of this interest you? Do you have questions about the specific terms of each type of insurance? Simply contact Health Insurance Advisor and address your questions and concerns to one of our expert advisors. We’ll make an appointment for you to come to our Atlanta-based office and speak with us in person.

Once you’re ready to hire us as your personal health insurance advisor, we’ll offer a price estimate for our services.