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Marietta is the largest city in Cobb County, Georgia. According to a United States census from 2010, Marietta has a population total of 56,579 people. Seven years later, the estimated population is 61,048 people. Marietta is a biggest suburb of the Atlanta metropolitan area as well. This makes it a central location for a number of residents within the Atlanta area.

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Marietta was one of the first cities established in the county. While Cobb County was named after U.S. Senator Thomas Willis Cobb, Marietta was named after his wife, Mary Cobb. However, houses had already been built by the settlers in this location before the city was established in 1824. Some of those houses still remain standing today.

The household median income of Marietta residents is $40,645. Roughly 80% of the population is over 18 years old, with 10.2% of the people being over 65 years old. Since most of the residents are adults, they require different types of health insurance plans. Younger people benefit more from private health insurance plans, while older people are interested in individual PPO plans. In some cases, residents may want both types of coverage.

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Are you confused about the health insurance plans that’ll benefit you the most? If so, then you should contact the experts at Health Insurance Advisor and request more details about what options are available. Do you need short term disability insurance in case you get injured at work? Would you benefit more from a critical illness health insurance policy because you’re at a high risk of obtaining a critical illness? These are the types of questions we’ll examine during your consultation with us.

The great news is that health insurance companies cannot deny coverage for preexisting conditions. This is thanks to the Affordable Care Act legislation that was passed in 2010. However, if you currently have a disability and you’re trying to seek disability insurance, then you can expect to pay high deductibles rather than low deductibles. Your monthly premiums will also be higher as well.

Fortunately, our team of health insurance advisors can set you in the right direction. We have relationships with several health insurance companies throughout the Marietta area. We can advise you every step of the way and help you make the right choice.

Once you’re ready to proceed with a health insurance plan, we’ll continue to guide you through the enrollment process and make sure you understand the coverage and payment terms.

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