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10 Best Health Insurance Providers in Atlanta GA

The same private health insurance plans are not available in every state. Many health insurance companies only offer plans to people in specific regions of the country. Sometimes they’ll only offer plans to people in a single state. It all depends on the size and value of the health insurance company. Every insurer starts out in one state, but if they’re able to become successful, then they expand to other states.

There are dozens of private health insurance plans in Georgia to choose from. If you are seeking your first health insurance plan, then don’t do it alone. Seek out the services of a health insurance advisor and ask them for advice as to which plan is better for your needs.

Below is a list of the top 10 health insurance companies in Georgia. This list should give you an idea of what kind of health insurance plans are available to you.

1) Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia

The Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of Georgia is a non-profit organization that offers affordable community health plans to 32 counties in Georgia. Their plans are designed for lower-income residents.

2) Aetna Health

Aetna Health is a nationally recognized health care network. They currently have over 22 million members enrolled in an Aetna health insurance plan. You can also get your dental insurance coverage through them too.

3) Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia

Blue Cross Blue Shield has 36 community-based companies that are independently run and operated. They offer the maximum amount of coverage to underprivileged people in Georgia who need it the most.

4) Alliant Health Plans

Alliant Health Plans is unique because they only offer individual PPO plans. There are no HMO plans available through them.

5) Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company

Cigna Health is another major health insurance company which offers insurance coverage to people throughout the country. The good thing about bigger health insurance companies is they have more physicians and hospitals available in their network. The bad thing is their health insurance policies cost more money.

6) Humana Employers Health Plan of Georgia

Many employers offer Humana health insurance coverage options to their employees. You can also get vision insurance and dental insurance services through them too.

7) United Healthcare Services

Here is another popular health insurance company that offers reliable coverage. They also offer insurance plans for dental and vision too.

8) Harken Health Insurance Company

Harken Health Insurance Company is available throughout the Atlanta area. You can get unlimited visits to your primary care physician at no additional cost. You can also contact health professionals through video chat on your phone.

9) Kemper Health

Kemper Health is a suitable health insurance provider for employers who wish to give their employees long-term security for their healthcare needs.

10) Compass Rose Health Plan

Compass Rose Health Plan is reserved for federal employees and the spouses and children of federal employees.

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Top 10 Best Health Insurance Companies, Atlanta GA