Types of Health Insurance

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Basic health insurance does not offer maximum coverage for every illness or injury that you might incur. The whole purpose of private health insurance plans is to offer you general coverage for things like hospital visits, ambulance rides, basic emergency room treatments, primary care physician appointments, physical exams, and prescriptions.

If you need these types of healthcare services, then you should definitely look into health insurance plans like PPO health insurance. However, you may want to pursue other types of insurance policies for more serious medical issues, such as cancer, critical illnesses, disabilities, or major accidents. You never know when you may develop one of these conditions.

Let’s discuss the various insurance products available which offer extra cash benefits and security for people facing these issues.

Accident Expense Insurance

Accidents happen all the time. You could be in a work-related accident, car accident, biking accident, or any other type of accident which requires hospitalization. Depending on the severity of your accident, you may require surgery, outpatient treatment, rehabilitation, chiropractic treatment, and more. These expenses can add up quickly, but you can avoid them by having an accident expense insurance policy.

Accident Indemnity Insurance

Accident indemnity insurance is similar to accident expense insurance because it covers medical-related expenses which stem from a serious accident. It’ll cover your hospitalization, ambulance, emergency room visit, doctor’s appointments, outpatient treatment, chiropractic treatment, physical therapy and more. However, what makes accident indemnity insurance a little different is that you can customize the plan for your employees if you’re purchasing it as an employer.

Short Term Disability Insurance

There are certain circumstances which may cause a person to suffer a short-term disability. This is the type of disability that will force you to miss at least 3 months of work or more. Some examples of short-term disability are childbirth, broken bones, back problems, arthritis, and an accidental injury. If they can recover within the year, then it is short-term disability. In these situations, short-term disability insurance can subsidize their missing salary or wages. It pays a maximum of $1,500 per week and can replace a normal salary by up to 60%.

Cancer Insurance

No one wants to think about their chances of getting cancer. But if you ever do get cancer, then it can result in endless medical expenses. You’ll have to undergo numerous medical tests, examinations, and treatments. Sometimes you may even need to travel to a special clinic and have to pay for transportation, hotel rooms, childcare and more. Basic health insurance won’t cover these costs.  You’ll need a cancer insurance policy to give you supplemental income to cover these expenses.

Critical Illness Insurance

A critical illness can hit you at any time. One day you could end up suffering from a heart attack, kidney failure, serious burns, HIV, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, stroke, benign tumors, and more. Private health insurance plans may cover your initial treatment at the hospital, but long-term care is a different matter. If you need to spend several months in the hospital or some special care facility, then your expenses will add up fast. Critical illness insurance covers all the extra costs associated with these critical illnesses that your basic health insurance does not cover.


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